I provide 50 minute sessions in Bristol or online at £50, some concessionary rates available.

Also I offer half sessions.

Please complete form below or contact me at 3pabloreina@gmail.com for questions and bookings.

How can I help you?

I have studied and practised in many contexts how to identify the psychological needs that are not being met and how to address them. What follows is a summary of what I do in my sessions: 

Identify Patterns

Often our current distress reflects patterns we have learnt in the past (consciously or subconsciously) as coping strategies that no longer suit our present circumstances. 

When we become aware of our patterns and why we have them, we have the capacity to chose and practice new patterns.

Shifting from coping to thriving


We all have patterns we have created normally to soothe emotions, regain self-worth, improve connection and deal with challenges. What helped us cope before often no longer does or it creates new problems. Sometimes traumatic events (overwhelming experiences) pushes us to live in survival mode neglecting our deepest needs. 

When we learn new strategies to consistently meet those emotional needs irrespective of past events and outside circumstances, we change our paradigm from coping to thriving.

This allow us to relate better to others and to engage with our life goals. 

Expanding through positive experiences


 We grow and heal experientially, which means we need more than merely understanding  the theory of why we struggle and what to do. For positive, permanent change we need to accumulate experiences that affirm mental health, healthy relationships and progress towards our goals.

As we are social creatures we confirm our identity and beliefs in relation to others. I offer you a therapeutic relationship aimed at fostering your healing and growth.